Hello MACS families!

One of the most important things we can pass onto our children is the value of kindness and compassion for others. On that note, I am beyond excited to collaborate with Kaitlin M. DeBellis and the Kraft Family Foundation to fund our project through classes4classes. One small act of kindness is leading us towards something much greater and maybe bigger than we will even see this year. I believe this project and collaboration will impact our students in a way that will resonate with them for a lifetime.

Robert Kraft and the Kraft Family Foundation have generously donated $1,200 toward our project! I have shared this exciting news with our students today during a portion of our guidance lesson. The students are elated and humbled by the thought of such an organization giving our small, new school an opportunity to grow closer together and showcase what makes us a really special society.

I am thrilled to see the children so motivated to step up their acts of kindness and pay it forward to their peers and teachers! Look for the newsletter coming home with your child(ren) on how to continue kindness at home and ways to check out the project page for an opportunity to donate towards completing our project!

We are so blessed to have each other and this gift from the Kraft Family Foundation! I would like to personally thank Kaitlin and Classes4Classes, for bringing us together. This collaboration has already initiated an incredible chain reaction in our school!

What’s to come?….
Kaitlin and I shared an inspiring conversation about the possibilities through all of these caring connections. I am looking forward to welcoming her to MACS on May 20th! Kaitlin will be meeting our staff and students, during the school day, to see the work that we’ve done. She will also attend the Auction Gala Event, at the Nashua Country Club that evening, for a book signing and an opportunity for families to meet the wonderful human that is the catalyst behind C4C and our project!

With Kindness,

School Counselor
Special Educator