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MicroSociety is not just a course but a continuous experience in playing with the building blocks of a modern society. It is applied moral development. Through the “HEART Strand,” community responsibility, service work, volunteerism and reflective activities and discussion are emphasized. Students in MicroSociety receive daily living lessons in citizenship. In the words of a wise student:

 “If you don’t do something in school, it only affects you. But if you don’t do something in Micro, your whole company is affected. If you don’t put the proper entries in the computer, you don’t just hurt the person who owns the bank account, you hurt the whole school.” Mathew, 6th grade, alumnus


Heart is the base of the acronym TEACHH which represents the 6 strands in MicroSociety.

  • “T” is the Technology strand. It encompasses all student activities which utilize computers and other technology.
  • “E” is the Economy strand. It encompasses all student business ventures and financial institutions.
  • “A” is the Academy strand. It encompasses all student training initiatives inside and outside the classroom.
  • “C” is the Citizenship and Government strand. It encompasses all aspects of student government, activism and citizenship responsibilities.
  • “H” is the Humanities and Arts strand. It encompasses all performing and non-performing arts and cultural organizations.
  • “H” is the HEART strand. It is the social conscience of the MicroSociety program and encompasses all the reflective and service aspects of society: Humanity, Ethics, Aesthetics, Reflection, Respect, Reason and Responsibility and Trust.
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