I was honored and eager to share my passion and this mission on a greater scale when Kaitlin DeBellis, Founder of Classes4Classes, asked me to be a Teacher Ambassador. I can’t think of a more important message to be explicitly teaching and spreading in our schools.

I am thrilled to be changing the way we look at social emotional learning as MicroSociety Academy’s Guidance Counselor, Case Manager, and Special Educator. My passion as a counselor and educator rises out of an understanding that students mental and emotional well being and understanding of self, are an essential component to a successful day at school and a critical component of a functional society.

At our core we all desire to be loved, connected, and accepted. When we are loved and connected we are confident, compassionate, and able to reach our full potential socially and academically. It is my responsibility to help facilitate this connection so that young people will learn their true power and potential. Through my guidance lessons, each week, students work to enhance their social intelligence and use it to inspire, encourage, and uplift others. The impact of this learning is evident in our building…compassion and kindness radiates from our classrooms.