It’s hard to believe that summer is already behind us when it feels like just yesterday. What an incredible week of kindercamp we had during the heat of July! It was a blast and an honor to spend a week learning together with a great group of our 2016-2017 Rising Kindergarteners!!

Our daily activities included a fun, hands-on, multi-sensory and differentiated approach to basic academics, school routines, and social emotional connections…

All about ME and All about YOU! Social Emotional Learning through various activities such as: Get to know you Jenga questions & “All about me” books!

Literacy skills: Letter Naming and Phonemic awareness through activities such as our alphabet scavenger hunt where we also explored the building!

We also included listening and comprehension activities with some great literature about school and added to our about me books in our reflections!

Math skills including number identification, shapes, patterns, & more!

A visit from Miss. Froleiks! We collaborated to create a group art project and a Finding Dory welcome gift from the Dagianis family:)

Thank you to all the families who gave their children the gift of a head start!