This page is meant to provide a wealth of resources for the social emotion learning lessons we are working on together, as well counseling related information, and interesting articles. Please feel free to contact me with specific questions or requests for further information and guidance. I’m here to help!

Social Thinking was created by Michelle Garcia Winner and other fabulous professionals she’s collaborated with. For more information and resources check out their website. I’ve enjoyed my training and conversations with Michelle on optimizing the delivery of this program in our school.

The Zones of Regulation was created by Leah Kyupers in collaboration with Michelle Garcia Winner. This curriculum is introduced school wide through our social learning lessons to support and enhance the work we do with the socialthinking curriculum. My training with Leah in this program was validating of the symbiotic nature of Zones and Social Thinking in order to optimize social emotional learning, language and development.

Local Resources: This list includes several local centers (in no particular order) that offer child and family services. Please use discretion when selecting a counselor for your child or family. The connection between counselor and client is imperative to the success of the working relationship. 

  1.  The Counseling Center of Nashua
  2. Merrimack Valley Counseling Association
  3. Greater Nashua Mental Health Center
  4. A Peaceful Balance
  5. New England Center Counseling Services